House Concert in Pretty Beach

Following on from a very successful time at Illawara Folk Festival we skirted up the coast to the North of Sydney to play a house concert in Pretty Beach. This turned out to be one of the most beautiful places to gig as the whole area is surrounded by stunning beaches and rolling hills. For those who haven’t heard of a House Concert before, it is exactly what it sounds like, someone who loves music lends out there house as a music venue for the night and invites people from the local community to come and listen to bands touring through the area. We will be playing a few house concerts on our tour through Australia (see our gigs page for details). A huge thanks to Narelle Jones and family for hosting this one and for the amazing hospitality we received whilst there. The gig itself was great and it was really interesting to meet the local people, although a little scary to hear their stories of the bush fires that have recently hit the area.

House Concert @ Pretty Beach

As it is our first time in Australia we of course don’t want to be spending all our time playing so we have managed to squeeze in space for “funtimes” as well. After a short walk through the bush we were taken to a beautiful secluded beach with, more importantly, a rock known as the jumping rock. There is something much more enjoyable about jumping off rocks into the sea when the sun is shining and the sea is warm, unlike what we are used to in Scotland.

A Panoramic of Jumping Rock with Chris Stone Getting Ready to Jump (see if you can spot him)

If you are in the Canberra area we are playing in the Front Cafe and Gallery tonight, hope to see you there.