Ceilidh with a Lagerphone

As we are just about to set off for an action packed week in Tasmania we thought a quick blog about our gigs in Melbourne is overdue. As previously mentioned our time in Melbourne has been relatively lengthy due to recording commitments of various band members, however we managed to squash in a ceilidh and a concert in the vibrant musical suburb of Northcote.

First was the ceilidh which was enjoyed by a large number of Melbournites who embraced Modhan’s high energy Scottish ceilidh with gusto. Very rarely have we packed so many dances into such a short space of time.

Graham teaching the Melbournites Ceilidh Dances Melbourne Ceilidh

A highlight of the ceilidh was Andy making and using a lagerphone, an Australian Bush instrument made from beer bottle caps and wood. Andy was given the raw materials and set the challenge of designing his own lagerphone, see below.

Making the Lagerphone Making the Lagerphone Andy and his Lagerphone

The following evening we played a concert at the rustic creperie Open Studio, it was a lovely place to play due to the great atmosphere and friendly crowd. Tomorrow we are heading to Tasmania for a busy week of gigs and ceilidhs, we will also try our best to post some long awaited footage of us playing, keep an eye on the blog…