End of Australian Tour 2013

We have reached the end of the Modhan Australia Tour 2013.  Over the last 6 weeks we have played 25 gigs over 4 states and Graham and Andy have both done some recording on upcoming albums from local artists Lucy Wise and Tolka respectively.

A huge thanks to the many very friendly families who have kindly let us stay with them as we have travelled around, the hospitality shown us has been amazing and incredibly important in making the tour the success it was.

A huge thanks also to Chris Stone, who has been playing violin with us whilst we have been out here. As the first picture shows and as we’re sure Chris would agree, many memories were created and dreams fulfilled.

Modhan with Chris Stone Modhan @ MOFO Sydney

And finally the following is a video taken of us playing Better Help the Peacocks at Devonport Regional Art Gallery in Tasmania.  Better quality video’s of some more of our tracks will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.